one word substitution pdf Download | Hindi and English |

one word substitution pdf Download | Hindi and English |
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1. Law Related One Word Substitution PDF Download ( Hindi and English ) :-

Lease A legal agreement that allows someone to use a building or land for a period of time, Usually in return for a rent किराये पर देना

Kangaroo court An unofficial court that punishes people unfairly गैर क़ानूनी न्यायालय

Statue law The whole group of written laws that are made by a parliament, council etc. वैधानिक कानून

Common law The system of laws that has developed from customers and the decision of judges rather than from laws made by the parliament. सामान्य कानून

Criminal law Laws relating to crimes and their punishments. फौजदारी कानून

Civil law Laws relating to affairs to private citizens rather than crime. दीवानी कानून

Tort Laws relating to actions that are wrong but not criminal क्षतिपूर्ति कानून

Jurisprudence The science or study of law न्यायशास्त्र

Allege To say that something is true or that someone has done something wrong. आरोप लगाना

Writ A document from a court that orders someone to do ro not to do something. याचिका

Injunction An order given by a court which tells someone not to do something निषेधाज्ञा

Summons An official orders to appear in court of law. न्यायालय का बुलावा पत्र

Arraign To make someone come to court to answer a charge against him. दोषी ठहराना

Verdict An official decision made in a court of law that someone is not guilty of a crime. न्यायालय का फैसला

Acquit To give a decision in a court that someone is not guilty. दोष मुक्त करना

Jury A group of judges. न्यायाधीशो का समूह

Plaintiff Someone who brings a legal action against another personin a court of law. मुद्दई / अर्जीदार

Defendant A person in a court of law who has been accused of doing something. बचाव पक्ष

Prosecution To prosecute a legal action in court. अभियोग

Constitutional law Laws relating to or based on constitution of a country. संविधानिक कानून

Commercial law Laws relating to business and buying and selling. व्यापारिक कानून

Corporate law Laws relating to activities of big companies or groups or companies acting together as a single organization. नैगमिक कानून

Mortgage A legal agreement by which a person borrows money from a bank usually to buy a house. गिरवी

Testimonial A written statement about someone's character, usually provided by an employer. विवरण

Ultimatum A set of terms. अंतिम शर्त

Fraud Act of deceiving somebody in order to make money. धोखा

Mortgage A legal agreement by which a person borrows money from a बंधक

Amnesty A general pardon of offenders. अपराध - क्षमा

Jurisdiction A fixed territory in which authority can be exercised. अधिकार क्षेत्र

Subpoena An order requiring a person to attend a court. समन जरी करना

Alimony Allowance due to a wife from her husband on separation. भरण - पोषण भत्ता

Violate Break an agreement, law or promise. उलंघन करना

Circumstantial Clues available at a scene. ब्योरेवार

Investigation Careful and thorough enquiry. छानबीन

Anomaly Deviation from the common rule or standard अनियमितता / अव्यवस्था

Judicious Done with good judgement. विवेकी

Internment Detaining and confining someone पूछताछ

Impunity Exemption from punishment दंड से मुक्ति

Default Fail to pay a debt in time भुगतान नही कर पाना

Exonerate Free somebody from blame or guilt मुक्त करना

Inheritance / legacy Property handled down after the death of a person विरासत

Patrimony Property inherited from one's father or ancestors. पैतृक सम्पति

Feint Pretended attack भुलावा

Contraband Prohibited by law or exported नियम विरुद्ध

Legacy Property handed down after the death of a person. or Property that which is given to a person by one's will वसीयत में मिली हुई वस्तु या धन किसी भूतपूर्व मालिक की जिन्दगी में ही दूसरे के नाम स्थानांतरित धन

Parole Release of a prisoner from jail or certain condition करावकाश

Privilege Right or advantage available to a person सुविधा / विशेषाधिकार

Rebate Reduction in a tax or debt छुट

Liable Responsible according to law संरक्षक

Felony serious crime like murder , arson. भयंकर अपराध

Remand Send back a criminal into custody for further investigation हवालात में वापस भेजना

Collusion Secret agreement for a fraudulent purpose धोखेपूर्ण संधि , जालसाजी

Curfew Signal under martial law for people to remain indoors कर्फ्यू , नि: जन

Precedent Some previous example from the past पूर्व द्रष्टान्त / उदाहरण

Forgery Signature of someone's name without his permission. जालसाजी

Hijack To seize control of a vehicle in order to force it to go to a new destination , or demand something अपहरण करना

Redtapism Too much official formality लालफीताशाही

Irrevocable That which cannot to be called back अटल

Prejudiced To be biased against पूर्वाग्रह

Desertion The abandonment of one's country or cause दल - बदल

Assent To agree to something स्वीकृति

Hoard To store and stock जमाखोरी

Corroborate To confirm with the help of evidence पुष्टि होती है

Fidelity The quality of being faithful ईमानदारी

Insurmountable That cannot be overcome अलंघनीय

Defame To injure one's reputation बदनाम करना

Confiscate To officially take private property away to seize जब्त करना

Booty Things taken by robbers लुट का माल

Bigamy The state of having two spouses at the same time एक पत्नी या पति रहते दूसरा विवाह करने का अपराध

Indict To accuse or charge a person with a crime in due from of law अपराध या दोष लगाना

Instigation The act of provoking and goading a man प्रोस्त्साहन / कुकर्म कराने के लिए उकसाना

Abrogate To do away with a rule किसी नियम का आज्ञानुसार हटाना / रद्द करना

Irrevocable That which cannot be called back जिसे पूरा न किया जा सके

Prohibitory That which is prohibited by law निषेधात्मक

Prevaricate To avoid giving a direct answer to a question in order to hide the truth वाक्छल करना

Implicate To confirm with help of evidence पुष्टि करना

Intestate To die without having made a will निवर्सियत

Mediate To try to settle a dispute between two other parties मध्यस्थता

Harass Trouble anybody continually तंग करना

Intimidation Use of language or gesture which implies threat to someone धमकी / धमकाना

Coercion Use of force or threats to get someone to agree to something जबरदस्ती

Irrelevant Unrelated to the subject अप्रासंगिक

Statute Written law of a legislative body कानून

Ransom Sum of money to be paid for freeing a person from captivity रिहाई धन , फिरौती

Forfeit Surrender something as a punishment or penalty जुर्माना

law related one word substitution pdf Download

2. Business and Economic Related One Word Substitution PDF Download ( Hindi and English ) :-

Manufacturer A company thatmakes large quantities of goods. उत्पादक

retailer A business that sells goods to customer through its shops. खुदरा व्यापारी

Distributor A company or person that supplies shops and companies with goods. वितरक

Service industry An industry that provides a service rather than a product. सेवा क्षेत्र

Finance Company A company that lends money especially to businesses. वित्तीय कंपनी

Corporation A big company or a group of companies working together as a single organization निगम

Corporate A belonging or relating to a large company or corporations. निगम से सम्बंधित

Parent company The company that controls a smaller company or organization मूल कंपनी

Sister Company One of two or more companies that are owned by the same parent company. अधीनस्थ कंपनी

Affiliate A small company or organization that is connected with or controlled by a large one. बड़ी कंपनी द्वारा संचालित छोटी कंपनी

Venture capital The money lent to someone so that they can start a new business. प्रारंभिक पूंजी

Economics Study of the method in which money and goods are produced or used. अर्थशास्त्र

Economy One who studies the method in which money and goods are produced or used. अर्थ प्रबंधन

Business cycle A cycle in which business activity increases, decreases and then increases. व्यवसाय चक्र

Inflation The continuous increases in prices, or the rate of which prices increase. मुद्रास्फीति

Recession A difficult time when there is less trade, business activity etc. in a country than usual मंदी

Currency The system or type of money that a country uses. मुद्रा

Fiscal Related to money , taxes, debts etc that are owned and managed by the government. वित्तीय

Gross domestic product The total value of all goods and services produced in a country in one year सकल घरेलू उत्पाद

Gross national product The total value of all goods produced in a country usually in a single year. सकल राष्ट्रीय उत्पाद

Perquisite An emolument over and above fixed salary अनुलाभ

Embezzlement An act of misappropriation of money गबन

Pilferage Act of stealing in small quantities लघुचोरी

Subsistence Income just sufficient to live on. जीवित रहने के साधन

Gratuity Money given as a reward for service. उपदान , उपहार

Remuneration Reward for a work or service. मेहनताना , मजदूरी

Incentive Something which provides interest and attraction. उत्पादन वृद्धि हेतु कर्मचारियो को अतिरिक्त भत्ता

Commission To give money for sales to agents दलाली

Business and Economic related one word substitution pdf Download

3. Language Related One Word Substitution PDF ( Hindi and English ) :-

Creole A language that is a combination of a European language with one or more other language मिश्रण भाषा

Pidgin A language that is a mixture of two or other languages which can be used by people who do not speak each other's language. मिश्रित भाषा

Dialect A form of a language which is spoken only in once area with words or grammar that are slightly different from other forms of the same language. किसी खास स्थान पर बोली जाने वाली भाषा

Patois The spoken from of a language used by the people of a small area and different from the national or standard language. खास बोली

Vernacular A language or form of a language that ordinary people use, especially one that is not the official language. देशी भाषा

Romance language A language that come from Latin, French Spanish etc. लैटिन , फ्रेंच , स्पेनिश से बनी भाषा

Slavonic language A language such as Russian , Bulgarian or polish. रसियन , बुलगारिया और पोलिश भाषा

Germanic language A language such as German, English , Dutch or the Scandinavian language. जर्मन , इंग्लेंड , होलैंड , नार्वे , स्वीडन आदि की भाषा

Semitic language A language such as Arabic or Hebrew. अरबी और हिब्रू भाषा

Braille A form of printing for blind people, with raised parts that they can read by touching the paper with their fingers. अन्धो की लिपि

Intonation The way in which the level of your voice changes in order to add meaning to what you are saying. स्वरशैली

Pitch How high or low a spoken sound is बातचीत का तरीका

Prosody The patterns of sound and rhythm in poetry and spoken language. छंद शास्त्र

Slang Very informal, sometimes offensive language that is used especially by people who belong to a particular group. अनौपचारिक शब्द

Jargon Words and expresion used by a particular group of people which are different for other people to understand. तकिया कलाम

Terminology The technical words or expressions that are used when talking about a particular subject. शब्दावली

Linguistics The study of language its grammar and history. भाषा विज्ञान

Semantics The study of meaning of words and phrases. अर्थ विज्ञान

Orthography The study of spelling. वर्तनी

Language related one word substitution pdf Download

4. Sound Related One Word Substitution PDF ( Hindi and English ) :-

Beating of drums ढोलक की आवाज

Jingling of coins सिक्के की आवाज

Roaring of lions शेरों की दहाड़

Whistling of engines इंजनो की आवाज

Clapping of hands तालियों की आवाज

Rattling of wheels पहिए की आवाज

Creaking of shoes जूतों की आवाज

Blow of bugles बिगुल की आवाज

Brackle of wood लकडियो की जलने की आवाज

Clatter of hoofs जानवर के पैरो की आवाज

Flutter of wings पंखो की फडफडाहट

Lisp of babies बच्चो की तुतलाहट

Report of rifles राइफलो की आवाज

Zoom of aero planes हवाई जहाज की आवाज

Ring of metals धातुओं की आवाज

Ripple of waves तरंगो की आवाज

Tinkles of glass सीसों की आवाज

Tick of watches घड़ियों की टिकटिकाहट

Patter of rain बारिशों की झिमझिमाहट

Babbling of a brook पानी की कलकलाहट

Blaring of loudspeaker लाउडस्पीकर की आवाज

Chiming of bells, clock घंटियों की टिनटीनाहट

Slam of a door दरवाजों की आवाज

Grating of machines मशीनों की आवाज

Thudding of coconuts नारियलों की आवाज

Banging of door दरवाजे की आवाज

Ringing of bells घंटियों की आवाज

Thunder of clouds बादलों की गर्जन

Rippling of water पानी की कलकलाहट

Clank of chain धातुओं की आवाज

Rustling of leaves पत्तियों की सरसराहट

Blare of trumpets तुरतुरी की आवाज

Buzz of telephones फ़ोनों की आवाज

Chatter of teeth दांतों की कलकलाहट

Crackles of fire आग के जलने की आवाज

Purl of streams जल धारा की कलकलाहट

Boom of guns बन्दूको की आवाज

Rumbles of thunder बादलों का गर्जना

Flutter of flags झंडो की आवाज

Sigh of winds हवाओ की सरसराहट

Rumble of trains रेलगाडियों की आवाज

Rattle of Plates थालियों की आवाज

Creak of shoes जूतों की खटखटाहट

Creak of nut काष्ठफल की आवाज

Churning of sea water समुद्री लहरों की आवाज

Clatter of plates चम्मचो की आवाज

Rumbling of vehicles भारी वाहनों की आवाज

Shuffling of vehicles पैरो की आवाज

Splashing of feet पानी के छपछपाहट की आवाज

Tapping at the bolted door छिटकनी की आवाज

Tinkling of glasses शीशो की आवाज

sound related one word substitution pdf download

5. Obsession Related One Word Substitution PDF ( Hindi and English ) :-

Ailuromania an obsession for cat बिल्ली से अत्यधिक लगाव

Anthomania an obsession for flowers फूलो से अत्यधिक लगाव

Ablutomania an obsession for personal cleanlines सफाई से अत्यधिक लगाव

Bibliomania an obsession with books किताबो से अत्यधिक लगाव

Dipsomania an obsession with drink शराब पीने से अत्यधिक लगाव

Egomania an obsession with oneself स्वयं से अत्यधिक लगाव

Hypomania a mild manic excitement अतिउतावलापन

Kleptomania an obsession for stealing चोरी से अत्यधिक लगाव

Logomania an obsession for talking वार्तालाप से अत्यधिक लगाव

Macromania a delusion that one's body has become very big अत्यधिक मोटा महसूस करना

Micromania a delusion that one's body has become very small अत्यधिक पतला महसूस करना

Megalomania a morbid delusion of one's grandeur अपनी समृद्धि से अत्यधिक लगाव

Monomania single fixed obession झ्क्खीपन

Nymphomania single fixed obession अत्यधिक भोग - बिलासीपन

Pseudomania an obsession for boasting अत्यधिक डींग हाकने की प्रवर्ति

Pyromania an obsession to set fire for thrill अत्यधिक आग प्रेम

Scribble mania a passion for writing anything लिखने की अत्यधिक प्रवर्ती

Theomania a delusion that one has become a god खुद को भगवान समझने की अत्यधिक प्रवर्ती

Gephyromania an obsession for crossing bridges पुल पार करने की अत्यधिक प्रवर्ती

Demomania an obsession for crowd भीड़ में रहने की अत्यधिक प्रवर्ती

Mecromania an obsession for dead bodies मृत शरीर से अत्यधिक लगाव

Thanatamania an obsession for death मृत्यु से अत्यधिक लगाव

Cynomania an obsession for dogs कुत्तो से अत्यधिक लगाव

Narcomania an obsession for drugs मृत्यु से अत्यधिक लगाव

Phagomania an obsession for eating खाने से अत्यधिक लगाव

Hippomania an obsession for horses घोड़ो से अत्यधिक लगाव

Mythomania an obsession for boasting अत्यधिक झुठ बोलना

Megalomania an obsession for power शक्ति से अत्यधिक लगाव

Medonomania an obsession for pleasure ख़ुशी से अत्यधिक लगाव

Entheomania an obsession for religion धर्म से अत्यधिक लगाव

Plutomania an obsession for riches धन से अत्यधिक लगाव

Erotomania an obsession for sex सेक्स से अत्यधिक लगाव

Monomania an obsession for single idea एक ही विचार से अत्यधिक लगाव

Tomomania an obsession for surgery सर्जरी से अत्यधिक लगाव

Dromomania an obsession for traveling यात्रा से अत्यधिक लगाव

Ergomania an obsession for work काम से अत्यधिक लगाव

Kleptomania An excessively morbid desire to steal चोरी करने की बीमारी

Megalomania A mental illness or condition in which somebody has an exaggerated belief in their own importance or power मानसिक बीमारी

Pyromania A mental illness that causes a strong desire to set fire to things ऐसी मन स्थिति से ग्रसित व्यक्ति जो चीजो को जलाने की इच्छा रखता हो

Dipsomania Irresistible craving for alcoholic drinks मदिरापान

Paranoia Mental derangement मानसिक उन्माद / पागलपन

Obsession related one word substitution pdf download

6. Medical Practitioners Related One Word Substitution PDF ( Hindi and English ) :-

Medico A medical student डॉक्टरी पढने वाला

Oculist A person who attends to the diseases of the eye is an नेत्रवैध

Pediatrist Concerned with children and their illness बाल चिकित्सक

Orthopedics The area of medicine that treats illness of bones हड्डियों का डॉक्टर

Psychiatrist Specialist in mental or emotional disturbance. मनोरोग विशेषज्ञ

Cardiologist a specialist in heart disease दिल की बीमारी का विशेषज्ञ

Chiropractor a doctor of bone displacement हड्डि के इलाज का विशेषज्ञ

Chiropodist a specialist in feet ailment पैरो की बीमारी का विशेषज्ञ

Dentist a specialist in teeth ailment दांतों की बीमारी का विशेषज्ञ

Dermatologist a specialist in skin disease त्वचा की बीमारी का विशेषज्ञ

Gerontologist a specialist in old age disease बूढ़े लोग की बीमारी का विशेषज्ञ

Gynecologist a specialist in woman disease महिला की बीमारी का विशेषज्ञ

Neurologist a specialist in nerve disease तंत्रिका तंत्र की बीमारी का विशेषज्ञ

Obstetrician a specialist in woman disease during pregnancy स्त्री रोग विशेषज्ञ

Ophthalmologist a specialist in ye disease नेत्र रोग विशेषज्ञ

Urologist a specialistin urine disease मूत्र रोग विशेषज्ञ

Gestrologist a specialist in teeth, gums and jaw treatment दांत- जबड़ा सम्बंधित रोग

Orthodontist a specialist in teeth , gums and jaw treatment दांत- जबड़ा सम्बंधित रोग विशेषज्ञ

Orthopedist a specialist in done disease problem हड्डी विशेषज्ञ

Otologist a specialist in ear, nose & throat diseases कान , नाक और गला रोग विशेषज्ञ

Pediatrician a specialist in baby disease शिशु रोग विशेषज्ञ

Pathologist a special in baby disease शिशु रोग विशेषज्ञ

Podiatrist a special in feet disease पैरो की बीमारी का विशेषज्ञ

Psychiatrist a specialist in mental disease मानसिक बीमारी विशेषज्ञ

Psychologist a specialist in reading human behaviour मानव व्यवहार अध्धयन विशेषज्ञ

Rhinologist a specialist in nose disease नाक रोग विशेषज्ञ

Endorcrinologist a specialist in glands of internal secretion आन्तरिक ग्रंथो का विशेषज्ञ

Osteopath a specialist in treating crooked teeth टेढ़े - मेढे दांतों का विशेषज्ञ

✻ Medical Practitioners Related One Word Substitution PDF Download ( Hindi and English )

7. Animal Related One Word Substitution PDF ( Hindi and English ) :-

Predator An animal which lives by preying on other animals परभक्षी

Aquiline eagle like चील जैसा

Invertebrates Animals without backbone अकशेरुकी

Leonine lion like शेर जैसा

Ovine sheep like भेड़ जैसा

Porcine pig like सूअर जैसा

Serpentine serpent like सांप जैसा

Ursine bear like भालू जैसा

Vulpine wolf like भेड़िया जैसा

Asinine ass like गधे जैसा

Bovine cattle like बैल / गाय जैसा

Canine dog like कुत्ते जैसा

Elephantine elephant like हाथी जैसा

Equine horse like घोड़े जैसा

Feline cat like बिल्ली जैसा

carnivorous Animals that eat flesh मांसाहारी

Aquatic Animals which live in water जलीय

Harness An equipment of a horse घोड़े का साज

Harpoon A spear on a rope for catching whales and other larger fish हारपुन - मछली पकड़ने की बर्छी या भाला

Hart An adult male deer हिरण

Herd A number of Animals kept feeding or travelling together पशुओ का झुंड

Hound A dog used for hunting शिकारी कुत्ता

Mammal An animal that feeds its young with milk from the female mammary glands स्तनपायी प्राणी

Mare A female of donkey / horse घोड़ी / गदही

Offspring A young of Animals सन्तान / संतति

Reptile An animal that creeps / crawls and lays eggs रेंगने वाला प्राणी

Parasite An animals or plant living in or upon another परजीवी

Herbivorous Animals that feeds on plants शाकाहारी

fable An animal story with a moral दंत कथा

Gregarious Animals who live in herds संघकारी

Oviparous Bearing young by eggs अंडज

Viviparous Bearing living young सजीव बच्चा देने वाली

Amphibians Creatures who live both on land and in water जलथलचर , उभयचर

Mutton Flesh of sheep used as food भेड़ का मांस

Simian Like an ape or a monkey बंदररूपी

Cannibal One who eats human flesh नरभक्षी

Bovine Pertaining to cattle गाय गोरु समान , पशुवत

Equine Pertaining to horses अश्वीय , घोड़े समान

Fungus Simple, fast-spreading plant without flowers or leaves, which can often cause disease कवक

Slough The dead skin cast off by a snake केंचुली

Fauna The Animals of a particular region पशुवर्ग

Gnaw To bite like a rat कुतरना

Porcine That which is pig like सूअर जैसा

Leonine That which is lion like सिंह जैसा

Canine That which is dog like श्वान जैसा

Vulpine That which is fox like लोमड़ी जैसा धूर्त

Feline That which is cat like बिल्ली जैसा / धूर्त

Piscine That which is fish like मछली जैसा

Carcass The dead body of an Animal जानवरों का मृत शरीर

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8. Time Related One Word Substitution PDF ( Hindi and English ) :-

Annual happening once in a year वर्ष में एक बार

Biennial happening in two years दो वर्ष में एक बार

Biannual happening twice a year एक वर्ष में दो बार

Triennial happening in three years तीन वर्ष में एक बार

Quadrennial happening in four years चार वर्ष में एक बार

Quinquennial happening once in five years पांच वर्ष में एक बार

Sexennial happening once in six years छ: वर्ष में एक बार

Septennial happening once in seven years सात वर्ष में एक बार

Octennial happening once in eight years आठ वर्ष में एक बार

Decennial happening once in ten years दस वर्ष में एक बार

Decade A period of ten years दशक

Deceannual happening ten times in a year एक वर्ष में एक बार

Semi centennial 50th anniversary 50 वर्षगांठ

Centennial 100th anniversary 100 वर्षगांठ

Sesquicentennial 150th anniversary 150 वर्षगांठ

Bicentennial 200th anniversary 200 वर्षगांठ

Tercentennial 300th anniversary 300 वर्षगांठ

Tetra centennial 400th anniversary 400 वर्षगांठ

Pent centennial 500th anniversary 500 वर्षगांठ

Hex centennial 600th anniversary 600 वर्षगांठ

Adolescent A person who is 15 years old किशोर

Teenager age from 13 years to 19 years of age 13 से 19 वर्ष के बीच

Sexagenarian one who is in sixties 60 वर्ष की अवस्था का

Septuagenarian one who is seventies 70 वर्ष की अवस्था का

Octogenarian one who is in eighties 80 वर्ष की अवस्था का

Nonagenarian one who is nineties 90 वर्ष की अवस्था का

Centenarian one who is hundred years old 100 वर्ष की अवस्था का

Century a period of hundred years शताब्दी

Centenary Hundredth anniversary 100 वां वर्षगांठ

centennial Completing a period of hundred years सौ साल का

Biennial An event which happens once in two years द्विवार्षिक , दो साल में एक बार होने वाली घटना

Quadrennial An event which happens once in four years चार साल में एक बार होने वाली घटना

Quinquennial An event which happens once in five years पांच साल में एक बार होने वाली घटना

Sexennial An event which happens once in six years छ: साल में एक बार होने वाली घटना

Septennial An event which happensonce in seven years सात साल में एक बार होने वाली घटना

Octennial An event which happensonce in eight years आठ साल में एक बार होने वाली घटना

Decennial An event which happensonce in ten years दस साल में एक बार होने वाली घटना

Millennium A period of 1000 ( thousand ) years एक हजार वर्ष की अवधि

Antique Existing since old times पुराना / प्राचीन

Annuity Fixed sum of money paid to somebody as income in his life time सालाना

Contemporary living at the same time समकालीन

Simultaneous Occurring at the same time एक ही समय होने वाला

Sporadic Occurring at irregular intervals in time कभी कभार

Nostalgia Sentimental longing for a period in a past भूतकाल की याद

Transitory That which lasts for a short time अस्थायी

Ante-meridiem The time between midnight and noon दोपहर से पहले का समय

Triennial The conference takes place once in three years त्रिवार्षिक

Fortnight A period of 15 days पंद्रह दिनों का समय पखवारा

Anachronism A mistake in the chronological order or a thing which is out of harmony with a period काल गणना का भ्रम

Chronological Arrangement in order of occurrence कालक्रमानुसार

Era The period between two regions युग

Taxidermy The art of preserving skin of Animals, birds, fishes चर्म प्रसाधन

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9. Place Related One Word Substitution PDF ( Hindi and English ) :-

Dyke A wall built to prevent the sea or a river from flooding an area तटबंध

Conservatory A room or building for the preservation of plants पादप संरक्षण कक्ष

Hamlet A small village or group of houses छोटा गाँव / ढाणी

Barracks A place where soldiers live सैनिक के लिए बने घर

Isthmus A narrow stretch of land connecting two large bodies of land स्थल डमरू मध्य

Oasis A shady fertile place in a desert. नखलिस्तान

Abattoir A place where animals are slaughtered बूचड्खाना

Archipelago A sea with a small group of islands द्वीप समूह

Granary A place where food grains are stored अन्न भण्डार

Hangar A building in which aircraft are housed विमानाशाला

Harbour A place of shelter for ships बंदरगाह

Boutique A small shop that sells fashionable clothes, cosmetics etc. दुकान

Gallery A building for the display of works of art. कला भवन

Observatory A building equipped with a powerful telescope for astronomical observatory वैधशाला

Arsenal A building where military weapons are prepared or stored शास्त्रागार

Restaurant A place where people lunch on payment भोजनालय / जलपान गृह

Fold A small enclosure for cattle ,sheep ,poultry etc. भेड़ो, पशुओ तथा घरेलू मुर्गियों का बाडा

Sanctuary A holy or sacred place पवित्र स्थान / देवालय

Emporium A large retail store बिक्री केंद्र

Cantonment A permanent military station छावनी

Mausoleum A magnificent tomb विशाल मकबरा

Laundry A place where clothes are washed and pressed कपड़े धोने की दुकान

Mint A place where coins are made टकसाल - वह स्थान जहाँ सिक्के डाले जाते है

Monastery A building in which monks live मठ / आश्रम

Monument A building which is constructed to keep alive one's memory. स्मारक

Motel A hotel for the motorists, in which parking and servicing facilities are available कार सहित व्यक्तियों के ठहरने का होटल

Museum A building where works of art, scientific specimens and other objects of permanent value are kept and displayed. संग्रहालय / अजायबघर

Nursery A room or place set apart for children शिशुशाला

Nursery A place where young plants and trees are raised for tranplantation पेड़ - पौधों का घर

Paradise A place of perfect peace and happiness पूर्ण शांति एवं सुख का स्थान

Vineyard An area of land planted with grapes अंगूर उद्यान

Aerodrome A ground for the arrival and departure of aeroplanes हवाई अड्डा

Crematorium A building in which dead bodies are burnt शवदाह - गृह

Corridor A door which opens into rooms by a narrow passage गलियारा / रास्ता

Cemetery A place where dead bodies are buried कब्रिस्तान

Armoury A place where arms are kept अस्त्र - शस्त्र रखने का स्थान

Equator An imaginary line round the earth विषुवत रेखा

Orphanage A place where orphans are housed अनाथालय

Isthmus A narrow piece of land connecting two large masses of land संयोग भूमि

Altar A raised place on which offerings to a God are made वेदिका

Abode A place of permanent residence आवास

Sanatorium A hospital for the treatment of chronic diseases आरोग्य निवास

Constellation A number of stars grouped together तारामंडल

Pantry A small room in a big house , hotel , ship etc. where glasses ,dishes, spoons , food etc. are kept रसोई

Walkway A raised passageway in a building पैदल रास्ता

Bottleneck A situation that stops an activity from progressing मार्ग अवरोध

Cascade A small waterfall or group of waterfalls flowing down a rocky hill side is called. झरना

Aquarium A tank where fish or water plants are kept मछलीघर

Asylum A place of refuge and safety शरण स्थल

Hutch A pen for small animals पिंजरा

Convent A place where nuns live and work मठ

Archive A place where government / public records are kept अभिलेखागार

Dominion An area of land that is controlled by a ruler अधिराज्य

Synagogue A place where jews worship according to their religion यहूदी उपासना गृह

Boulevard A broad road bordered with trees. मुख्य मार्ग

Auditorium A building where the audience sits सभा भवन , श्रोताकक्ष

Mortuary Building in which dead bodies are kept before burial or crematio मुर्दाघर

Periphery Boundary of an area परिधि

Cynosure Centre of attraction or interest आकर्षण केंद्र / धुर्व तारा

Rotunda Circular building or hall with a dome गोलाकार भवन

Concentric Having a common centre समकेंद्री

Burrow Hole excavated by an animal as dwelling बिल

Impenetrable Incapable of being penetrated अभेध / अथाह

Impregnable Incapable of being taken by force of arms अजेय / अभेध

Barren Land that does not grow anything बंजर

Fertile Land that grows things in abundance उपजाऊ जमीन

Forum Place of gathering for public discussion जनसभा , गोष्ठी

Recess Secret place difficult to access गुप्त स्थान

Brewery Place where wine is made शराब का कारखाना

Scullery Room for washing kitchen utensils रसोई के बर्तन मोंजने की जगह

Portico / porch Roof supported by columns at the entrance of a building द्वारमंडल

Parliament Supreme law making assembly संसद

Podium A speaker's platform मंच

Condominium An apartment building in which each apartment is owned separetely by the people living in it , but also containing shared areas. सहशासित राज्य

Domicile A person living permanently in a certain place घर / सर्वदा रहने का स्थान

Conventicle Secret religious meeting गुप्त धार्मिक सभा

Cellar Underground place for storing wine or other provisions गोदाम

Apiary where bees are kept जहाँ मधुमक्खियो को रखा जाता है

Abattoir where animals are slaughtered कस्साई खाना

Aquarium a glass tank for fishes जहाँ मधुमक्खियो को रखा जाता है

Arena A place for wrestling अखाडा

Arsenal where ammunition is kept शास्त्रागार

Asylum a place for lunatics and refugees शरणस्थली , पागल खाना

Archives where government records are kept लेखाकार

Armour where guns are kept बंदूक रखने का स्थान

Brewery where beer is manufactured बियर बनाने का स्थान

Bakery where bread is made बेकरी

Cage a case for birds पिंजरा

Casino a place with gambling tables जुआखाना

Cloakroom where the dead are buried क्रबिरिस्तान

Crematorium where the funeral rites are performed श्मशान

Dockyard where ships are fanufactured जहाँ जहाज बनाए जाते है

Depot where goods are stored गोदाम , भण्डार

Dormitory the sleeping rooms in public institution शयनशाला

Elysium a paradise with perfect bliss स्वर्ग

Gymnasium where exercises are performed व्यायामशाला

Garage a place where motorcars are kept जहाँ वाहनों को खड़ा किया जाता है

Hive a place for bees मधुमख्खी का छत्ता

Hutch a wooden box for rabbits खरगोश के लिए लकड़ी का बोक्स

Kennel a shelter for dogs कुत्तो का घर

Lair/Den where wild animals rest मांद

Laboratory where scientific experiments are done प्रयोगशाला

kiln where bricks are made ईट भट्टा

Museum where historical relics are kept संग्रहालय

Magazines where ammunition are weapons are stored शस्त्रागार

Menagerie where wild animals are kept जंगली जानवरों को रखने का स्थान

Morgue where dead bodies are kept for Identification मुर्दाघर ( शवो की पहचान के लिए )

Nursery where young plants are grown जहाँ पोधे उगाए जाते है

Orchard where fruit trees are grown फलो का बगीचा

Observatory where astronomical observations are made वेधशाला

Orphanage where orphans are kept अनाथालय

Reservoir where water is stored जलाशय

Resort a place visited for pleasure or health स्वास्थ्यप्रद जलवायु वाली जगह

Stable A shelter for a horse अस्तबल

Sty where pigs are kept सुअरों का बारा

Sheath a case in which a sword is kept मयान

Smithy where iron implements are forged लौह भट्टी

Sanatorium a place to recover from sickness अस्पताल

Tannery where leather is tanned जहाँ चमड़े की वस्तु बनाई जाती है

Wardrobe a case for puting clothes अलमारी ( कपडा रखने के लिए )

Vineyard where grapes are grown जहाँ अंगूरों की खेती होती है

Prison where convicts are kept जेल

Lgloo a home of Eckimos स्कीमो जनजाति का घर

Caravan a home of gypsy खानाबदेशो का घर

Hermitage a home of hermit जहाँ तपस्वी रहते है

Palace a home of kings महल

Mosque where prayer is offered मस्जिद

Castle a home of nobleman राजमहल

Parsonage a home of nobleman पादरियों का घर

Cottage a home of peasant कुटिया

Presbytery a home of preanat पुजारियों का घर

Barracks a home of soldier सिपाहियों की छावनी

Chalet a home of Swiss स्वीडन के लोगों का घर

Pavement a home of vagrant सड़क के नीचे का तहखाना

Kraal a home of Zulu जुलू जनजाति का घर

Dovecote a home of pigeon कबूतर रखने का बोक्स

Barn a home of owl जहाँ उल्लू रहते है

Oasis a green place in desert मरुधान

Burrow a home of hare खरगोश का मांद

Coop a home of fowl पक्षी का दडबा

Dray a home of squirrel जहाँ गिलहरिया को रखा जाता है

Web a home of spider मकड़ी जाल

Byre a home of cow गोशाला

Burrow,warren a home of rabbit खरगोशो का घर

Eyrir a home of eagle चील का घर

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