SSC CGL 2016 Previous Paper ( One Word Substitution ) Practice and PDF Download

SSC CGL 2016 Previous Paper ( One Word Substitution ) Practice and  PDF Download

Useful for SSC,UPSC,Banking,MBA,LIC,NDA,CDS etc.

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One Word Substitution Practice Question and Answer

इस Post में हमारे द्वारा SSC CGL 2016 में सभी shift में One Word Substitution से पूछे गये Question के साथ Answer भी दिये गये है |

1. One who is not easily pleased by anything
(A) gullible
(B) fastidious ✔
(C) innocent
(D) amenable

2. Head of monks in an abbey
(A) Padre
(B) Dean
(C) Abbot ✔
(D) Deacon

3. A person unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others
(A) egoist
(B) unselfish
(C) altruist ✔
(D) welfarist

4. Violation of that which is holy and sacred
(A) malevolent
(B) sacrilege ✔
(C) bizarre
(D) iniquitous

5. One who believes in many Gods.
(A) polyglot
(B) polygamy
(C) polygon
(D) polythiest ✔

6. One who lends money or high rates of interest
(A) usurper
(B) usherer
(C) usurer ✔
(D) undertaker

7. A post with little work but high salary
(A) freelancer
(B) sine qua non
(C) sinecure ✔
(D) quangos

8. A person , especially a young one, with exceptional abilities
(A) intellectual
(B) prodigy ✔
(C) genius
(D) mastermind

9. Incapable of feeling tired or exhausted
(A) invincible
(B) inflatable
(C) indefatigable ✔
(D) inextricable

10. A new word coined by an author.
(A) novelty
(B) innovation
(C) neologism ✔
(D) inception

11. The act of killing a whole group of people , specially a whole race.
(A) Patricide
(B) Genocide ✔
(C) Parricide
(D) Matricide

12. Animals that can live on land and in water.
(A) Anthropoid
(B) Aquatic
(C) Amphibian ✔
(D) Marsupial

13. A hater of woman.
(A) Monarchist
(B) Misanthrope
(C) Philanderer
(D) Misogynist ✔

14. A state where there is no effective government
(A) Secular
(B) Democracy
(C) Governance
(D) Anarchy ✔

15. Substance used in surgery to produce unconsciousness.
(A) Antiseptic
(B) Antidote
(C) Anesthetic ✔
(D) Cocaine

16. Master of caremonies
(A) Caremonist
(B) Compere ✔
(C) Organiser
(D) Manager

17. The belief that everyone is equal and should have the same right and opportunities
(A) Altruistic
(B) Egoistic
(C) Egalitarian ✔
(D) Octogenarian

18. Irresistible craving for alcoholic drinks
(A) Pyromania
(B) Dipsomania ✔
(C) Megalomania
(D) Kleptomania

19. When something moves in a straight line.
(A) quadrilineal
(B) octalineal
(C) rectilineal ✔
(D) trapilineal

20. Tending to associate with others of one's kind
(A) grassivorous
(B) gregarian
(C) gregarious ✔
(D) graminivorous

21. General pardon for offences against the state
(A) sanctify
(B) amnesty ✔
(C) gratuity
(D) redtapism

22. A person motivated by irrational enthusiasm
(A) moderate
(B) conservative
(C) fanatic ✔
(D) fan

23. Wide , uninterrupted view.
(A) windowview
(B) panorama ✔
(C) macroscopic
(D) eagleview

24. An instrument for measuring pressure of gases
(A) barometer ✔
(B) anemometer
(C) micrometer
(D) manometer

25. That cannot be expressed in words
(A) indelible
(B) ineffable ✔
(C) ingrate
(D) inexorable

26. A mixture of dried, naturally fragrant plant material , used to provide a gentle natural scent inside buildings, especially in residential settings.
(A) potpourri ✔
(B) perfume
(C) seent
(D) aroma

27. Placing different things in order to create an interesting effect
(A) sit for a portrait
(B) render precisely
(C) juxtapose ✔
(D) framing

28. Study of cultures
(A) eremology
(B) etymology
(C) ethology
(D) ethnology ✔

29. A person speaking many languages
(A) conversant
(B) polyglot ✔
(C) talkative
(D) orator

30. A lengthy and aggressive speech addressed to a large assembly
(A) hullabaloo
(B) cacophony
(C) pandemonium
(D) harangue ✔

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