Animal Related One Word Substitution ( Hindi and English )

Animal Related One Word Substitution ( Hindi and English )

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list of Animal Related One Word Substitution :-

Predator An animal which lives by preying on other animals परभक्षी

Aquiline eagle like चील जैसा

Invertebrates Animals without backbone अकशेरुकी

Leonine lion like शेर जैसा

Ovine sheep like भेड़ जैसा

Porcine pig like सूअर जैसा

Serpentine serpent like सांप जैसा

Ursine bear like भालू जैसा

Vulpine wolf like भेड़िया जैसा

Asinine ass like गधे जैसा

Bovine cattle like बैल / गाय जैसा

Canine dog like कुत्ते जैसा

Elephantine elephant like हाथी जैसा

Equine horse like घोड़े जैसा

Feline cat like बिल्ली जैसा

carnivorous Animals that eat flesh मांसाहारी

Aquatic Animals which live in water जलीय

Harness An equipment of a horse घोड़े का साज

Harpoon A spear on a rope for catching whales and other larger fish हारपुन - मछली पकड़ने की बर्छी या भाला

Hart An adult male deer हिरण

Herd A number of Animals kept feeding or travelling together पशुओ का झुंड

Hound A dog used for hunting शिकारी कुत्ता

Mammal An animal that feeds its young with milk from the female mammary glands स्तनपायी प्राणी

Mare A female of donkey / horse घोड़ी / गदही

Offspring A young of Animals सन्तान / संतति

Reptile An animal that creeps / crawls and lays eggs रेंगने वाला प्राणी

Parasite An animals or plant living in or upon another परजीवी

Herbivorous Animals that feeds on plants शाकाहारी

fable An animal story with a moral दंत कथा

Gregarious Animals who live in herds संघकारी

Oviparous Bearing young by eggs अंडज

Viviparous Bearing living young सजीव बच्चा देने वाली

Amphibians Creatures who live both on land and in water जलथलचर , उभयचर

Mutton Flesh of sheep used as food भेड़ का मांस

Simian Like an ape or a monkey बंदररूपी

Cannibal One who eats human flesh नरभक्षी

Bovine Pertaining to cattle गाय गोरु समान , पशुवत

Equine Pertaining to horses अश्वीय , घोड़े समान

Fungus Simple, fast-spreading plant without flowers or leaves, which can often cause disease कवक

Slough The dead skin cast off by a snake केंचुली

Fauna The Animals of a particular region पशुवर्ग

Gnaw To bite like a rat कुतरना

Porcine That which is pig like सूअर जैसा

Leonine That which is lion like सिंह जैसा

Canine That which is dog like श्वान जैसा

Vulpine That which is fox like लोमड़ी जैसा धूर्त

Feline That which is cat like बिल्ली जैसा / धूर्त

Piscine That which is fish like मछली जैसा

Carcass The dead body of an Animal जानवरों का मृत शरीर

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