Fixed Prepositions

Fixed Prepositions

✹ Words Followed By Appropriate Prespositions ( कुछ शब्दों के अंत में कुछ निश्चित Prepositions प्रयुक्त होते है | ) :-

Abide by ( मानना ) We should abide by their decision.
Accused of ( अपराध लगाया ) You have been accused of murder.
Abound in ( भरा हुआ ) India abounds in minerals.
Absorbed in ( डूबा हुआ , लवलीन ) He was seen absorbed in studies.
Absent from ( अनुपस्थित ) He was absent from the class yesterday.
Accede to ( सहमत होना ) He accded to my proposal.
According to ( अनुसार ) He works according to my advice.
Accustomed to ( अभ्यस्त ) I am accustomed to talking to a foreigner.
Act upon ( के अनुसार कार्य करना ) We should act upon his advice.
Addicted to ( बुरी आदतों में पड़ा हुआ ) He is addicted to wine.
Afraid of ( डरना , भयभीत ) He is not afraid of difficulties.
Affection for ( प्रेम ) He has no affection for his father.
Agree with ( सहमत होना - व्यक्ति से ) She agreed with me.
Agree to ( सहमत होना - प्रस्ताव से ) He agreed to my proposal.
Angry with ( क्रोधित - व्यक्ति से ) He was angry with me.
Angry at ( क्रोधित - वस्तु से ) he became angry at your rude behaviour.
Annoyed with ( नाराज - व्यक्ति से ) The teacher was annoyed at my adsense.
Annoyed at ( नाराज - वस्तु से ) The Principal was annoyed with the boy.
Anxious for ( व्याकुल , चिंतित - सुरक्षा आदि ) He is anxious for his son.
Anxious about ( व्याकुल , चिंतित - परिणाम आदि ) He is very anxious about my success in the examination.
Apply for ( के लिए प्रार्थना - पत्र देना ) He applied for the post of clerk.
Apply to ( को प्रार्थना - पत्र देना ) He applied to the manager.
Ashamed of ( पर शर्मिंदा ) I was ashamed of my son's behaviour.
Ask for ( मांगना ) I asked my friend for some money.
Avail of ( फायदा उठाना ) He availed himself to the opportunity.
Aware of ( परिचित ) I am aware of his intention.
Believe in ( विश्वास रखना ) We should believe in God.
Belong to ( किसी का होना , सम्बन्ध रखना ) This book belongs to me.
Blame for ( दोष लगाना ) He blamed Ramesh for his carelessness.
Beware of ( सावधान ) Beware of pickpockets.
Blind to ( दोषों की ओर से आँख बंद करने वाला ) He is blind to his own fault.
Born of ( से उत्पन्न ) Anil kumar was born of rich parents.
Born in ( देश में उत्पन्न ) He was born in America.
Busy with ( व्यस्त ) He is busy with his studies.
Boast of ( शेखी मारना ) He boasts of his knowledge.
Break into ( सेंध लगाना ) The thief broke into the house.
Certain of ( विश्वस्त , विश्वास करना ) She is certain of her success.
Care for ( परवाह करना ) He does not care for me.
Comply with ( पालन करना ) Comply with my instructions.
Confident of ( विश्वास रखना ) He is confident of his success in the examination.
Capable of ( समर्थ ) He is capable of doing such work.
Congratulate on ( बधाई देना ) He congratulated me on my success.
Complain against ( शिकायत करना ) The teacher complained against satish.
Charge against ( के विरुद्ध आरोप ) There is no charge against your brother.
Charge with ( से आरोपित ) The police charged your son with murder.
Condemn to ( दंड देना ) He was condemned to death.
Contrary to ( विपरीत ) He did contrary to my advice.
Cure of ( इलाज ) Generally there is no cure of cancer.
Die of ( मरना ) He died of cholera.
Differ with ( मतभेद होना ) Ramesh differs with you on this point.
Differ from ( भिन्न ) Birds differ from beasts.
Deal in ( To trade in, कार्य करना ) He deals in silk goods.
Desire for ( इच्छा करना ) A saint has no desire for worldly pleasures.
Entrust with ( सौप देना ) Suresh was entrusted with this work.
Exempt from ( से छुट्टी , राहत देना ) He was exempted from parade due to his illness.
Eligible for ( उपयुक्त ) I am not eligible for this post.
Equal to ( के समान ) This angle is equal to that.
Expert in ( दक्ष ) Asha is expert in singing.
Envious of ( ईर्ष्यालु ) She was envious of Ram.
Faithful to ( वफादार ) Your servant is not faithful to you.
Familiar with ( परिचित ) He is not familiar with me.
Feed on ( खाकर जीवित रहना ) He feeds on rice.
Fond of ( शौक़ीन ) My baby is very fond of rich.
Full of ( भरा हुआ ) The glass is full of water.
Filled with ( भरा हुआ ) The eyes of the child were filled with tears.
Free from ( से मुक्त ) Nobady is free from evils.
Fined for ( दण्डित ) Sohan was fined for adsense.
Fatal to ( घातक ) The disease proved fatal to him.
Grateful to / for ( कृतज्ञ ) She is grateful to me for my help.
Guilty of ( अपराधी ) You are guilty of theft.
Guard against ( सावधान रहना ) We should guard against keeping bad company.
Greedy of ( लोभी , लालची ) His father is greedy of wealth.
Grieved at ( दुखी होना ) Ramesh is grieved at his son's death.
Hard of hearing ( कम सुनने वाला ) Mohan is hard of hearing.
Hopeful of ( आशावान ) I am hopeful of my brother's success.
Indebted to ( ऋणि ) I am indebted to him for this help.
Indulge in ( रत होना ) Do not indulge in luxuries.
Inferior to ( घटिया ) Your table is inferior to mine.
Insist on ( आग्रह करना ) She insists on going there.
Invite to ( आमंत्रित करना ) Many persons were invited to dinner.
Ignorant of ( अनभिज्ञ ) My father is quite ignorant of this fact.
Interfere in / with ( हस्तक्षेप करना / अबरोध करना ) Why do you interfere in my internal affairs?
Involved in ( फंसा हुआ ) I am involved in difficulties.
Jealous of ( ईर्ष्यालु ) He is jealous of my name and fame.
Knock at ( खटखटाना ) Who is knocking at the door ?
Kind to ( दयालु ) We should be kind to the poor.
Laugh at ( हँसी उड़ाना ) Do not laugh at him.
Listen to ( को सुनना ) Listen to him.
Long for ( अभिलाषा रखना ) She longs for seeing her son.
Lead to ( को जाना ) This road leads to my college.
Loyal to ( वफादार , सच्चा ) We should be loyal to our country.
Married to ( विवाह करना ) ( सिर्फ AV में ) She was married to a doctor's son.
Match for ( जोड़ा ) She is no match for him.
Made of ( बनी हुई ) My ring is made of gold.
Made with ( से पागल ) She was mad with anger at his behaviour.
Obedient to ( आज्ञाकारी ) Children should be obedient to their parents.
Obliged to / for ( कृतज्ञ ) Kanti is obliged to you for your kindness.
Ask for / ( Something ) ( अनुरोध करना ) He workers always ask for higher pay.
Part with ( बिछुड़ना - वस्तु से ) He cannot part with his money.
Part from ( बिछुड़ना - व्यक्ति से ) We parted from our friends this morning.
Pride in ( घमंड ) He has pride in his wealth.
Proud of ( घमण्डी , अभिमान करने वाला ) He is proud of his wealth.
Prevent from ( रोकना ) My friend prevented me from playing with bad boys.
Partial to ( पक्षपात करने वाला ) This judge to partial to his clerks.
Plunged into ( डूब गया ) The boy plunged into the river.
Pleased with ( प्रसन्न ) He is pleased with me.
Prefer to ( अधिक पसंद करना ) Suresh prefers milk to tea.
Qualified for ( योग्य ) Naresh is qualified for this post.
Quarrel with ( person ) We should not quarrel with our neighbours.
Quarrel over ( a thing ) We should not quarrel over petty things.
Recover from ( आराम पाना ) The teacher has recovered from his illness.
Related to ( सम्बन्धित ) He is related to me.
Rely on ( निर्भर रहना ) You should not rely on kiran.
Resort to ( सहारा लेना ) Students should not resort to unfair means in the examination.
Run over ( कुचलना ) The young boy was run over by the bus.
Respect for ( सम्मान ) Students should have respect for their teachers.
Refer to ( निर्णय या सुचना के लिये भेजना ) He referred the matter to the District Magistrate.
Refrain from ( दूर रहना , बचना ) We should refrain from telling a lie.
Reply to ( उत्तर देना ) He has replied to my letter.
Rob of ( लूटना , छीनना ) The cheat robbed him of all his money.
Search for ( तलाश करना ) Roop Chandra is searching for his lost book.
Sentence to ( दण्ड की आज्ञा ) The accused was sentenced to death.
Satisfied with ( संतुष्ट ) I am satisfied with my lot.
Suffer from ( पीड़ित ) He is suffering from fever.
Superior to ( श्रेष्ठ ) Your book is not superior to mine.
Sure of ( विश्वस्त ) I am sure of my success.
Supply with ( पूर्ति करना ) He should supply the orphans with food and clothing.
Short of ( कमी ) He is running short of funds.
Sympathize with ( सहानुभूति प्रकट करना ) We should sympathize with him in his trouble.
Sympathy for ( सहानुभूति ) He has sympathy for the poor.
Taste for ( रूचि ) She has a taste for music.
Tired of ( थकना , ऊबना ) He is tired of his work.
Tremble with ( कांपना ) The child trembled with fear.
True to ( सच्चा ) He is true to his word.
Thankful to / for ( कृतज्ञ होना ) I am thankful to him for his help.
Talk to ( बात करना ) She is talking to her friend.
Trust in ( विश्वास करना ) We should trust in God and do the right.
Unknown to ( अपरिचित ) He is unknown to me.
Useful to / for ( लाभदायक ) Exercise is useful for health.
Wait for ( प्रतीक्षा करना ) We waited for you at the bus stand.
Wonder at with ( आश्चर्य करना ) I wonder at his conduct.
Yield to ( अधीन होना , मन लेना ) Never yield to hardship.

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