SSC CGL 2017 Previous Paper ( One Word Substitution ) Practice and PDF Download

SSC CGL 2017 Previous Paper ( One Word Substitution ) Practice and  PDF Download

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One Word Substitution Practice Question and Answer

इस Post में हमारे द्वारा SSC CGL 2017 में सभी shift में One Word Substitution से पूछे गये Question के साथ Answer भी दिये गये है |

1. That which cannot be corrected
(A) Impregnable
(B) Immolation
(C) Incorrigible ✔
(D) Ineligible

2. A person who is blamed for the wrong doings of others
(A) Bursar
(B) Captor
(C) Phlegmatic
(D) Scapegoat ✔

3. Take away or alter the natural qualties of
(A) Denature ✔
(B) Unadulterated
(C) Authentic
(D) Limpid

4. Decay of organic matter producing a fetid smell
(A) Putrefy ✔
(B) Crisp
(C) Neoteric
(D) Virgin

5. Diminish in value over a period of time
(B) Augment
(C) Aggrandise
(D) Depreciate ✔

6. Not able to produce children
(A) Gravid
(B) Hebetic
(C) Fecund
(D) Sterile ✔

7. One who is from 60 to 69 years old
(A) Sexton
(B) Sexologist
(C) Sexagenarian ✔
(D) Sextuplet

8. One who walks in sleep
(A) Drover
(B) Fastidious
(C) Numismatist
(D) Somnambulist ✔

9. One skilled in telling stories
(A) Ventral
(B) Fanatic
(C) Raconteur ✔
(D) Tyro

10. Fear of fire
(A) Arsonphobia ✔
(B) Astraphobia
(C) Astrophobia
(D) Arhenphobia

11. A man devoid of kind feeling and sympathy
(A) Callous ✔
(B) Credulous
(C) Gullible
(D) Bohemian

12. One who eats too much
(A) Impostor
(B) Glutton ✔
(C) Hypochondriac
(D) Intestate

13. A roundabout way of speaking
(A) Centipede
(B) Circumlocution ✔
(C) Coercion
(D) Concentric

14. An old unmarried woman
(A) Masochist
(B) Septuagenarian
(C) Sniper
(D) Spinster ✔

15. One who is determined to take full revenge for wrongs done to him
(A) Enmity
(B) Nigger
(C) Pedantic
(D) Vindictive ✔

16. Just punishment for wrong doing
(A) Dandy
(B) Nemesis ✔
(C) Prodigy
(D) Wagon

17. A strong blast of wind
(A) Implosion
(B) Trickle
(C) Gust ✔
(D) Mantle

18. Phobia of dogs
(A) Orophobia
(B) Cynophobia ✔
(C) Vatrachophobia
(D) Phemophobia

19. One who is new to a profession
(A) Nuance
(B) Pun
(C) Tyro ✔
(D) Vandal

20. A speech or a presentation made without previous preparation
(A) Euphemism
(B) Obituary
(C) Extempore ✔
(D) Soliloquy

21. Easily duped or fooled
(A) Bigot
(B) Gullible ✔
(C) Ridicule
(D) Venerable

22. Atonement for one's sins
(A) Elite
(B) Ignoramus
(C) Incendiary
(D) Repentance ✔

23. Killing of one's own child
(A) Foeticide
(B) Filicide ✔
(C) Infanticide
(D) Lupicide

24. A lover of work
(A) Oenophile
(B) Technophile
(C) Romanophile
(D) Ergophile ✔

25. Giving undue favours to one's own kith and kin
(A) Ableism
(B) Iconoclast
(C) Maiden
(D) Nepotism ✔

26. One who does not care for literature or art
(A) Dictator
(B) Hypocrite
(C) Philistine ✔
(D) Primitive

27. To give up a throne voluntarily
(A) Archer
(B) Bigot
(C) Abdicate ✔
(D) Delegate

28. Words written on the tomb of a person
(A) Epigram
(B) Epitome
(C) Epicure
(D) Epitaph ✔

29. Speaking with a stammer or lisp
(A) Melliloquent
(B) Dentiloquent
(C) Fatiloquent
(D) Stuttering ✔

30. Excessive desire to work
(A) Ergomania ✔
(B) Idolomania
(C) Islomania
(D) Ethnomania

31. Study of tumors
(A) Oenology
(B) Oncology ✔
(C) Phrenology
(D) Upology

32. The highest point
(A) Tempest
(B) Outpost
(C) Archive
(D) Zenith ✔

33. One who values practicality
(A) Apotheosis
(B) Pliable
(C) Pragmatist ✔
(D) Realist

34. One who loads and uploads ships
(A) Stevedore ✔
(B) Transgressor
(C) Lapidist
(D) Reticent

35. Belief or opinion contrary to what is generally accepted
(A) Invocation
(B) Incognito
(C) Heresy ✔
(D) Mercenary

36. Distorted representation of something
(A) Travesty ✔
(B) Solemnity
(C) Seriousness
(D) Gravity

37. A feeling of Intense longing for something
(A) Yearning ✔
(B) Apathy
(C) Satiety
(D) Gratification

38. Protection of or authority over someone
(A) Autonomous
(B) Tutelage ✔
(C) Nonaligned
(D) Unaided

39. Optimistic in an apparently difficult situation
(A) Sanguine ✔
(B) Pallid
(C) Pessimistic
(D) Sallow

40. Conformity to facts
(A) Veracity ✔
(B) Deceit
(C) Hypothesis
(D) Theory

41. Search for and collect anything usable from discarded waste
(A) Scavenge ✔
(B) Disperse
(C) Dissipate
(D) Scatter

42. Excessively lengthy speech
(A) Concision
(B) Verbiage ✔
(C) Curt
(D) Succinct

43. An ornamented staff carried by rulers on ceremonial occasions as a symbol of sovereignty
(A) Spectacle
(B) Receptacle
(C) Sceptre ✔
(D) Zephyr

44. The quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed
(A) Vigour
(B) Vulnerability ✔
(C) Fortitude
(D) Clout

45. A solemn promise or undertaking
(A) Pledge ✔
(B) Deceit
(C) Myth
(D) Perjury

46. Interrupt ( a public speaker ) with derisive of aggressive comments of abuse
(A) Heckle ✔
(B) Soothe
(C) Allay
(D) Dulcify

47. Not being what it purports to be
(A) Legitiamte
(B) Palpable
(C) Evident
(D) Spurious ✔

48. The state or quality of being holy
(A) Avarice
(B) Baseness
(C) Sanctity ✔
(D) Parsimony

49. A substance easily evaporated at normal temperatures
(A) Volatile ✔
(B) Steadfast
(C) Enduring
(D) Definite

50. Free from disturbance
(A) Transquil ✔
(B) Agitated
(C) Chaotic
(D) Violent

51. An arrangement of flowers fastened in a ring used for laying on a grave
(A) Brier
(B) Prickle
(C) Wreath ✔
(D) Splint

52. To move back and forth or sideways
(A) Sojourn
(B) Tarriance
(C) traverse ✔
(D) Breather

53. The remains of something that has been badly damaged
(A) Pristine
(B) Immaculate
(C) Wreckage ✔
(D) Sterile

54. Deliberately destroy something for military advantage.
(A) Devotion
(B) Fidelity
(C) Sabotage ✔
(D) Ardor

55. The area near or surrounding a particular place
(A) Horizon
(B) Vicinity ✔
(C) Distant
(D) Removed

56. Irritating inconvenience
(A) Tranquillity
(B) Hassle ✔
(C) harmony
(D) Rectitude

57. A punishment imposed for breaking a law , rule , or contract.
(A) Penalty ✔
(B) Reprieve
(C) Grace
(D) Amnesty

58. Complete with regard to every detail
(A) Thorough ✔
(B) Lackadaisical
(C) Lax
(D) Cursory

59. The faculty or power of using one's will
(A) Antagonism
(B) Aversion
(C) Rejection
(D) Volition ✔

60. The quality of being particularly noticeable
(A) Salience ✔
(B) Frivolous
(C) Immaterial
(D) Trivial

61. Of a disease or poison extremely severe or harmful in its effects
(A) innocuous
(B) Virulent ✔
(C) Naive
(D) Inoffensive

62. A person or thing that is likely to cause harm
(A) Menace ✔
(B) Cordial
(C) Festal
(D) Blithe

63. Having or involving an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something
(A) Valiant
(B) Stout
(C) Phobic ✔
(D) Foolhardy

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