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list of Place Related One Word Substitution :-

Dyke A wall built to prevent the sea or a river from flooding an area तटबंध

Conservatory A room or building for the preservation of plants पादप संरक्षण कक्ष

Hamlet A small village or group of houses छोटा गाँव / ढाणी

Barracks A place where soldiers live सैनिक के लिए बने घर

Isthmus A narrow stretch of land connecting two large bodies of land स्थल डमरू मध्य

Oasis A shady fertile place in a desert. नखलिस्तान

Abattoir A place where animals are slaughtered बूचड्खाना

Archipelago A sea with a small group of islands द्वीप समूह

Granary A place where food grains are stored अन्न भण्डार

Hangar A building in which aircraft are housed विमानाशाला

Harbour A place of shelter for ships बंदरगाह

Boutique A small shop that sells fashionable clothes, cosmetics etc. दुकान

Gallery A building for the display of works of art. कला भवन

Observatory A building equipped with a powerful telescope for astronomical observatory वैधशाला

Arsenal A building where military weapons are prepared or stored शास्त्रागार

Restaurant A place where people lunch on payment भोजनालय / जलपान गृह

Fold A small enclosure for cattle ,sheep ,poultry etc. भेड़ो, पशुओ तथा घरेलू मुर्गियों का बाडा

Sanctuary A holy or sacred place पवित्र स्थान / देवालय

Emporium A large retail store बिक्री केंद्र

Cantonment A permanent military station छावनी

Mausoleum A magnificent tomb विशाल मकबरा

Laundry A place where clothes are washed and pressed कपड़े धोने की दुकान

Mint A place where coins are made टकसाल - वह स्थान जहाँ सिक्के डाले जाते है

Monastery A building in which monks live मठ / आश्रम

Monument A building which is constructed to keep alive one's memory. स्मारक

Motel A hotel for the motorists, in which parking and servicing facilities are available कार सहित व्यक्तियों के ठहरने का होटल

Museum A building where works of art, scientific specimens and other objects of permanent value are kept and displayed. संग्रहालय / अजायबघर

Nursery A room or place set apart for children शिशुशाला

Nursery A place where young plants and trees are raised for tranplantation पेड़ - पौधों का घर

Paradise A place of perfect peace and happiness पूर्ण शांति एवं सुख का स्थान

Vineyard An area of land planted with grapes अंगूर उद्यान

Aerodrome A ground for the arrival and departure of aeroplanes हवाई अड्डा

Crematorium A building in which dead bodies are burnt शवदाह - गृह

Corridor A door which opens into rooms by a narrow passage गलियारा / रास्ता

Cemetery A place where dead bodies are buried कब्रिस्तान

Armoury A place where arms are kept अस्त्र - शस्त्र रखने का स्थान

Equator An imaginary line round the earth विषुवत रेखा

Orphanage A place where orphans are housed अनाथालय

Isthmus A narrow piece of land connecting two large masses of land संयोग भूमि

Altar A raised place on which offerings to a God are made वेदिका

Abode A place of permanent residence आवास

Sanatorium A hospital for the treatment of chronic diseases आरोग्य निवास

Constellation A number of stars grouped together तारामंडल

Pantry A small room in a big house , hotel , ship etc. where glasses ,dishes, spoons , food etc. are kept रसोई

Walkway A raised passageway in a building पैदल रास्ता

Bottleneck A situation that stops an activity from progressing मार्ग अवरोध

Cascade A small waterfall or group of waterfalls flowing down a rocky hill side is called. झरना

Aquarium A tank where fish or water plants are kept मछलीघर

Asylum A place of refuge and safety शरण स्थल

Hutch A pen for small animals पिंजरा

Convent A place where nuns live and work मठ

Archive A place where government / public records are kept अभिलेखागार

Dominion An area of land that is controlled by a ruler अधिराज्य

Synagogue A place where jews worship according to their religion यहूदी उपासना गृह

Boulevard A broad road bordered with trees. मुख्य मार्ग

Auditorium A building where the audience sits सभा भवन , श्रोताकक्ष

Mortuary Building in which dead bodies are kept before burial or crematio मुर्दाघर

Periphery Boundary of an area परिधि

Cynosure Centre of attraction or interest आकर्षण केंद्र / धुर्व तारा

Rotunda Circular building or hall with a dome गोलाकार भवन

Concentric Having a common centre समकेंद्री

Burrow Hole excavated by an animal as dwelling बिल

Impenetrable Incapable of being penetrated अभेध / अथाह

Impregnable Incapable of being taken by force of arms अजेय / अभेध

Barren Land that does not grow anything बंजर

Fertile Land that grows things in abundance उपजाऊ जमीन

Forum Place of gathering for public discussion जनसभा , गोष्ठी

Recess Secret place difficult to access गुप्त स्थान

Brewery Place where wine is made शराब का कारखाना

Scullery Room for washing kitchen utensils रसोई के बर्तन मोंजने की जगह

Portico / porch Roof supported by columns at the entrance of a building द्वारमंडल

Parliament Supreme law making assembly संसद

Podium A speaker's platform मंच

Condominium An apartment building in which each apartment is owned separetely by the people living in it , but also containing shared areas. सहशासित राज्य

Domicile A person living permanently in a certain place घर / सर्वदा रहने का स्थान

Conventicle Secret religious meeting गुप्त धार्मिक सभा

Cellar Underground place for storing wine or other provisions गोदाम

Apiary where bees are kept जहाँ मधुमक्खियो को रखा जाता है

Abattoir where animals are slaughtered कस्साई खाना

Aquarium a glass tank for fishes जहाँ मधुमक्खियो को रखा जाता है

Arena A place for wrestling अखाडा

Arsenal where ammunition is kept शास्त्रागार

Asylum a place for lunatics and refugees शरणस्थली , पागल खाना

Archives where government records are kept लेखाकार

Armour where guns are kept बंदूक रखने का स्थान

Brewery where beer is manufactured बियर बनाने का स्थान

Bakery where bread is made बेकरी

Cage a case for birds पिंजरा

Casino a place with gambling tables जुआखाना

Cloakroom where the dead are buried क्रबिरिस्तान

Crematorium where the funeral rites are performed श्मशान

Dockyard where ships are fanufactured जहाँ जहाज बनाए जाते है

Depot where goods are stored गोदाम , भण्डार

Dormitory the sleeping rooms in public institution शयनशाला

Elysium a paradise with perfect bliss स्वर्ग

Gymnasium where exercises are performed व्यायामशाला

Garage a place where motorcars are kept जहाँ वाहनों को खड़ा किया जाता है

Hive a place for bees मधुमख्खी का छत्ता

Hutch a wooden box for rabbits खरगोश के लिए लकड़ी का बोक्स

Kennel a shelter for dogs कुत्तो का घर

Lair/Den where wild animals rest मांद

Laboratory where scientific experiments are done प्रयोगशाला

kiln where bricks are made ईट भट्टा

Museum where historical relics are kept संग्रहालय

Magazines where ammunition are weapons are stored शस्त्रागार

Menagerie where wild animals are kept जंगली जानवरों को रखने का स्थान

Morgue where dead bodies are kept for Identification मुर्दाघर ( शवो की पहचान के लिए )

Nursery where young plants are grown जहाँ पोधे उगाए जाते है

Orchard where fruit trees are grown फलो का बगीचा

Observatory where astronomical observations are made वेधशाला

Orphanage where orphans are kept अनाथालय

Reservoir where water is stored जलाशय

Resort a place visited for pleasure or health स्वास्थ्यप्रद जलवायु वाली जगह

Stable A shelter for a horse अस्तबल

Sty where pigs are kept सुअरों का बारा

Sheath a case in which a sword is kept मयान

Smithy where iron implements are forged लौह भट्टी

Sanatorium a place to recover from sickness अस्पताल

Tannery where leather is tanned जहाँ चमड़े की वस्तु बनाई जाती है

Wardrobe a case for puting clothes अलमारी ( कपडा रखने के लिए )

Vineyard where grapes are grown जहाँ अंगूरों की खेती होती है

Prison where convicts are kept जेल

Lgloo a home of Eckimos स्कीमो जनजाति का घर

Caravan a home of gypsy खानाबदेशो का घर

Hermitage a home of hermit जहाँ तपस्वी रहते है

Palace a home of kings महल

Mosque where prayer is offered मस्जिद

Castle a home of nobleman राजमहल

Parsonage a home of nobleman पादरियों का घर

Cottage a home of peasant कुटिया

Presbytery a home of preanat पुजारियों का घर

Barracks a home of soldier सिपाहियों की छावनी

Chalet a home of Swiss स्वीडन के लोगों का घर

Pavement a home of vagrant सड़क के नीचे का तहखाना

Kraal a home of Zulu जुलू जनजाति का घर

Dovecote a home of pigeon कबूतर रखने का बोक्स

Barn a home of owl जहाँ उल्लू रहते है

Oasis a green place in desert मरुधान

Burrow a home of hare खरगोश का मांद

Coop a home of fowl पक्षी का दडबा

Dray a home of squirrel जहाँ गिलहरिया को रखा जाता है

Web a home of spider मकड़ी जाल

Byre a home of cow गोशाला

Burrow,warren a home of rabbit खरगोशो का घर

Eyrir a home of eagle चील का घर

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