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list of Law Related One Word Substitution :-

Lease A legal agreement that allows someone to use a building or land for a period of time, Usually in return for a rent किराये पर देना

Kangaroo court An unofficial court that punishes people unfairly गैर क़ानूनी न्यायालय

Statue law The whole group of written laws that are made by a parliament, council etc. वैधानिक कानून

Common law The system of laws that has developed from customers and the decision of judges rather than from laws made by the parliament. सामान्य कानून

Criminal law Laws relating to crimes and their punishments. फौजदारी कानून

Civil law Laws relating to affairs to private citizens rather than crime. दीवानी कानून

Tort Laws relating to actions that are wrong but not criminal क्षतिपूर्ति कानून

Jurisprudence The science or study of law न्यायशास्त्र

Allege To say that something is true or that someone has done something wrong. आरोप लगाना

Writ A document from a court that orders someone to do ro not to do something. याचिका

Injunction An order given by a court which tells someone not to do something निषेधाज्ञा

Summons An official orders to appear in court of law. न्यायालय का बुलावा पत्र

Arraign To make someone come to court to answer a charge against him. दोषी ठहराना

Verdict An official decision made in a court of law that someone is not guilty of a crime. न्यायालय का फैसला

Acquit To give a decision in a court that someone is not guilty. दोष मुक्त करना

Jury A group of judges. न्यायाधीशो का समूह

Plaintiff Someone who brings a legal action against another personin a court of law. मुद्दई / अर्जीदार

Defendant A person in a court of law who has been accused of doing something. बचाव पक्ष

Prosecution To prosecute a legal action in court. अभियोग

Constitutional law Laws relating to or based on constitution of a country. संविधानिक कानून

Commercial law Laws relating to business and buying and selling. व्यापारिक कानून

Corporate law Laws relating to activities of big companies or groups or companies acting together as a single organization. नैगमिक कानून

Mortgage A legal agreement by which a person borrows money from a bank usually to buy a house. गिरवी

Testimonial A written statement about someone's character, usually provided by an employer. विवरण

Ultimatum A set of terms. अंतिम शर्त

Fraud Act of deceiving somebody in order to make money. धोखा

Mortgage A legal agreement by which a person borrows money from a बंधक

Amnesty A general pardon of offenders. अपराध - क्षमा

Jurisdiction A fixed territory in which authority can be exercised. अधिकार क्षेत्र

Subpoena An order requiring a person to attend a court. समन जरी करना

Alimony Allowance due to a wife from her husband on separation. भरण - पोषण भत्ता

Violate Break an agreement, law or promise. उलंघन करना

Circumstantial Clues available at a scene. ब्योरेवार

Investigation Careful and thorough enquiry. छानबीन

Anomaly Deviation from the common rule or standard अनियमितता / अव्यवस्था

Judicious Done with good judgement. विवेकी

Internment Detaining and confining someone पूछताछ

Impunity Exemption from punishment दंड से मुक्ति

Default Fail to pay a debt in time भुगतान नही कर पाना

Exonerate Free somebody from blame or guilt मुक्त करना

Inheritance / legacy Property handled down after the death of a person विरासत

Patrimony Property inherited from one's father or ancestors. पैतृक सम्पति

Feint Pretended attack भुलावा

Contraband Prohibited by law or exported नियम विरुद्ध

Legacy Property handed down after the death of a person. or Property that which is given to a person by one's will वसीयत में मिली हुई वस्तु या धन किसी भूतपूर्व मालिक की जिन्दगी में ही दूसरे के नाम स्थानांतरित धन

Parole Release of a prisoner from jail or certain condition करावकाश

Privilege Right or advantage available to a person सुविधा / विशेषाधिकार

Rebate Reduction in a tax or debt छुट

Liable Responsible according to law संरक्षक

Felony serious crime like murder , arson. भयंकर अपराध

Remand Send back a criminal into custody for further investigation हवालात में वापस भेजना

Collusion Secret agreement for a fraudulent purpose धोखेपूर्ण संधि , जालसाजी

Curfew Signal under martial law for people to remain indoors कर्फ्यू , नि: जन

Precedent Some previous example from the past पूर्व द्रष्टान्त / उदाहरण

Forgery Signature of someone's name without his permission. जालसाजी

Hijack To seize control of a vehicle in order to force it to go to a new destination , or demand something अपहरण करना

Redtapism Too much official formality लालफीताशाही

Irrevocable That which cannot to be called back अटल

Prejudiced To be biased against पूर्वाग्रह

Desertion The abandonment of one's country or cause दल - बदल

Assent To agree to something स्वीकृति

Hoard To store and stock जमाखोरी

Corroborate To confirm with the help of evidence पुष्टि होती है

Fidelity The quality of being faithful ईमानदारी

Insurmountable That cannot be overcome अलंघनीय

Defame To injure one's reputation बदनाम करना

Confiscate To officially take private property away to seize जब्त करना

Booty Things taken by robbers लुट का माल

Bigamy The state of having two spouses at the same time एक पत्नी या पति रहते दूसरा विवाह करने का अपराध

Indict To accuse or charge a person with a crime in due from of law अपराध या दोष लगाना

Instigation The act of provoking and goading a man प्रोस्त्साहन / कुकर्म कराने के लिए उकसाना

Abrogate To do away with a rule किसी नियम का आज्ञानुसार हटाना / रद्द करना

Irrevocable That which cannot be called back जिसे पूरा न किया जा सके

Prohibitory That which is prohibited by law निषेधात्मक

Prevaricate To avoid giving a direct answer to a question in order to hide the truth वाक्छल करना

Implicate To confirm with help of evidence पुष्टि करना

Intestate To die without having made a will निवर्सियत

Mediate To try to settle a dispute between two other parties मध्यस्थता

Harass Trouble anybody continually तंग करना

Intimidation Use of language or gesture which implies threat to someone धमकी / धमकाना

Coercion Use of force or threats to get someone to agree to something जबरदस्ती

Irrelevant Unrelated to the subject अप्रासंगिक

Statute Written law of a legislative body कानून

Ransom Sum of money to be paid for freeing a person from captivity रिहाई धन , फिरौती

Forfeit Surrender something as a punishment or penalty जुर्माना

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