Homophones with Examples | English VOCABULARY |

Homophones with Examples | English VOCABULARY |

"Homophones" अंग्रेजी भाषा में उन शब्दों को कहते हैं , जिनके उच्चारण तो समान होते हैं, किन्तु उनकी "वर्तनी" (Spellings) तथा "अर्थ" (Meanings) भिन्न होते हैं। "Homophones" को हिन्दी भाषा में "समान ध्वनि वाले शब्द" कहा जा सकता है। "Homophones" को उदाहरण के माध्यम से अग्र प्रकार समझा जा सकता है
(A) Some (सॅम) Sum (सॅम) - इन दोनों शब्दों के उच्चारण समान हैं, किन्तु दोनों ही शब्दों की Spelling भिन्न है। अर्थ भी दोनों शब्दों को अलग-अलग है-Some (कुछ) तथा Sum (राशि)। (B)Fair(फेअ) - मेला , अच्छा , सुन्दर |
Fare(फेअ) - किराया |

Homophones के उदाहरण (Homophones ke udaharan) :-

1. accept(स्वीकार करना) → He accepted my presents.
except(इसके सिवाय) → Every student except suresh passed the examination.

2. altar(वेदी) → Bhagat Singh sacrificed his life at the altar of motherland.
alter(बदलाव) → You Should after your way of speaking.

3. all together(एक साथ) → They attended the meeting all together.
altogether(पूरी तरह से) → He is altogether at fault.

4. berth(रेलगाड़ी या जहाज में सोने का स्थान) → He got a berth in the Punjab Mail.
birth(जन्म) → What is your date of birth ?

5. bale(गांठ) → He received one bale of cotton.
bail(जमानत) → He was released on bail.

6. dear(प्रिय) → Ramesh is my dear friend.
deer(हिरन) → A deer was grazing grass.

7. Die(मरना) → Man must die.
Dye(रंगना) → Her dress was dyed blue.

8. fare(किराया) → What is the fare to Agra ?
fair(मेला) → We are going to the fair.

9. feet(पैर) → A cow has four feet.
feat(बहादुरी या चतुराई का कार्य) → People wondered at the feat of the juggler.

10. lose(खोना)(लूज) → We should not lose this chance.
loose(डीला)(लूस) → In summer one should wear loose clothes.

11. lesson(पाठ) → He has learnt his lesson.
lessen(कम करना) → You should lessen your expenses.

12. marry(शादी करना) → He does not want to marry.
merry(प्रसन्न) → Eat, drink and be merry.

13. meter(मीटर) (यंत्र) → He works as a meter reader.
metre(मीटर)(लम्बाई की एक माप) → The cloth merechant sells cloth by the metre.

14. Principal(प्रधानाचार्य) → Mr Gupta is the principal of our school.
principle(सिद्धांत) → He is a man of principle.

15. Peace(शांति) → Everyone desires peace.
piece(टुकड़ा) → He has a piece of bread in his hand.

16. plain(सादा) → We wear plain clothes.
plane(वायुयान) → We went to Mumbai by plane.

17. pray(प्रार्थना करना) → We must pray to God.
Prey(शिकार) → We fell a prey to cholera.

18. quiet(शांत) → He kept quiet in the morning.
quite(बिल्कुल) → He is quite well now.

19. right(सही) → Trust in God and do the right.
rite(संस्कार) → The funeral rites were performed.

20. stationary(स्थिर) → The sun is stationary.
stationery(लेखन सामग्री) → He deals in stationery.

21. story(कहानी) → He told me a story.
storey(मंजिल) → His office is on the second storey.

22. soul(आत्मा) → Soul is immortal.
sole(जूते का तला) → The sole of this shoe is defective.

23. sail(समुद्र से यात्रा करना) → He sailed for England.
Sale(बिक्री) → This house is for sale.

24. tale(कहानी) → She told me a tale.
tail(पूंछ) → The monkey has a short tail.

25. week(सप्ताह) → There are seven days in a week.
weak(कमजोर) → My sister is weak in English.

Homophones Examples :-

Fill in the blanks choosing the correct words from the brackets:
( कोष्ठकों में दिये गये शब्दों में से सही शब्द चुनकर रिक्त स्थानों की पूर्ति कीजिए )

1. The crow had a …piece… (piece/peace) of bread in its beak.
2. I don’t want to …lose… (lose loose) this chance.
3. We are going to visit a …fair… (fare/fair)
4. He didn’t …accept… (except/accept) my proposal.
5. He was released on …bail… (bail/bale)
6. Everyone has to …die… (dye/die) one day.
7. A …deer… (deer/dear) was grazing grass.
8. A cow has four …feet… (feat/feet)
9. We must …lessen… (lesson/lessen) our expenses.
10. I want …some… (some/sum) money.
11. He went to Jaipur by …plane… (plain/plane)
12. Radha shall …marry… (marry/merry) Mohan.
13. Mr Sharma is the …principal… (principle/principal) of our school.
14. We must …pray… (pray/prey) to God.
15. Mohan is …quite… (quite/quiet) well now.
16. He will tell you a new …story…. (storey/story).
17. This house is for …sale…. (sale/sail)
18. A cow has a …tail…. (tail/tale)
19. You look very …weak… (weak/week) today.
20. There is a …hole… (hole/whole) in this table.

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