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Words in Situation

इस प्रकार के प्रश्नों में कुछ शब्द दिये जाते है और उन्हें नीचे दिये गये वाक्यों के रिक्त स्थानों में भरा जाता है | शब्द रिक्त स्थानों से कभी - कभी अधिक दिये होते है | कोष्ठको में दिये गये शब्दों में से जो उपयुक्त हो , उन्हें रिक्त स्थानों में भरने के लिए शब्दों के ज्ञान की आवश्यकता है | ये शब्द Nouns , Verbs , pronouns , Adjectives , Adverbs , Conjunctions या Prepositions हो सकते है

(A) रिक्त स्थानों में Noun भरने के लिये निम्नलिखित बातो के ध्यान में रखना चाहिए -

1. अगर वाक्य में कर्ता या कर्म का स्थान रिक्त हो तो Noun या Pronoun भरा जायेगा

जैसे - 1. God is great and kind. 2. They saw a man hiding behind a bush. 3. The man took the box. 4. A soldier takes pride in riding a horse.

2. अगर रिक्त स्थान my,his,her,your,their,our,its आदि के पश्चात् दिया गया है , तो उसमे संज्ञा भरी जायेगी |

जैसे - 1. I love my people very much. 2. We have also exchanged our photographs. 3. Sudha is coming with her parents.

अगर Adjective के पश्चात् रिक्त स्थान हो , तो संज्ञा भरी जायेगी

जैसे - 1. Radha is coming with her younger sister. 2. We are visiting all the historical places. 3. I too will miss the happy occasion. 4. People celebrate Diwali with great joy.

(B) क्रिया का प्रयोग उस समय किया जाता है जब Noun या Pronoun के पश्चात् रिक्त स्थान दिया गया हो |

जैसे - 1. They noticed some movement outside the fort. 2. My birthday falls on Monday. 3. I participated in debates at school.

(C) अगर कोष्ठक में कोई Adjective दिया गया है तो उसे Noun से पहले रिक्त स्थान में भरा जायेगा |

जैसे - Suresh is a very active player. It is a very helpful machine for homes. It can play interesting games.

(D) दो वाक्यों या दो उपवाक्यो (clauses) या दो शब्दों (words) के बीच में रिक्त स्थान हो तो वहां Conjunction भरा जायेगा |

जैसे - 1. I have both,television and radio. 2. She neither reads nor writes. 3. He worked hard but he failed. 4. She is absent because she is ill.

(E) Preposition को Noun या Pronoun के पहले वाले रिक्त स्थान में भरा जायेगा |

जैसे - 1. A computer is a substitute for human brain. 2. He looks very smart in his new dress. 3. Don't expect much from him. 4. Who was talking to you ?

(F) Carefully , slowly , fast , happily , well आदि adverbs का प्रयोग क्रिया के पश्चात् आये रिक्त स्थान पर किया जायेगा | अगर Helping Verb और Main Verb के बीच में रिक्त स्थान हो तो भी Adverb ( क्रिया - विशेषण ) का प्रयोग होगा |

जैसे - 1. I should certainly like to help you. 2. All the preparations will be made jointly. 3. All the people decorate their houses beautifully. 4. We were terribly tired.


Complete the following sentences using suitable words from the box given below:
(नीचे दिये गये बॉक्स में से उचित शब्द का प्रयोग करते हुए निम्न वाक्यों की पूर्ति कीजिए )

famous , unknown , scientists , cotton , different

1. One of the earliest ....... was Sushruta. 2. There were ..... universities at Nalanda. 3. He worked on ...... aspects of mathematics. 4. Their clothes were made of ....... Ans :- 1.scientists 2.famous 3.different 4.cotton

blood , study , follow , skin

1. Don't touch ...... and pimples with nails. 2. The age for donating ...... is 18 and above. 3. I will certainly ..... your advice. 4. I ..... in class VII. Ans :- 1.skin 2.blood 3.follow 4.study

felt , mobility , decided , around

1. Mr Panwar ...... to send him to school. 2. However , Piyush never ...... this as a drawback. 3. Mr Panwar told him that his son Piyush had ....... problem. 4. He took them ...... the school during the recess. Ans :- 1.decided 2.felt 3.mobility 4.around

sunny , tendre , green , stop

1. It was a warm and ...... morning day of september 1737. 2. She wanted to do something to ....... the people. 3. But there was no concession to the ....... aged girls. 4. There will be no cutting of ...... trees in Bishnoi village. Ans :- 1.sunny 2.stop 3.tendre 4.green

last , all , limited , something

1. I am coming, only this ....... chapatti is left. 2. We have ....... earnings. 3. Is everything ....... right ? 4. He wants to ask you ......... . Ans :- 1.last 2.limited 3.all 4.something

education , equally , absolutely , mason

1. Her parents are ........ happy. 2. Yes, you are ........ right, Sugan. 3. They get free books, free ........ and mid-day meal also. 4. Master Sahab , I' m a poor ....... Ans :- 1.equally 2.absolutely 3.education 4.mason

plastic , waste , hospital , saved

1. Once a girl took a cat to a ....... for animals. 2. Many animals die by swallowing ...... bags or pieces of glass. 3. Fortunately, it was ....... 4. All of us must be careful about disposing the ...... . Ans :- 1.hospital 2.plastic 3.saved 4.waste

join , serve , light , include

1. And what do you ...... for lunch ? 2. Don't you have some ........ tiffin too ? 3. Did you ...... the school today ? 4. Does that ..... curds ? Ans :- 1.serve 2.light 3.join 4.include

computers , going , fond , switch

1. Abhay was mad about ...... and video games. 2. As soon as he arrived, he ran to his room to ...... on the computer. 3. They wanted to ask Abhay what was ....... on. 4. And even today he is ......... of keeping parakeets as his pets. Ans :- 1.computers 2.switch 3.going 4.fond

request , team , kingdom , welcome

1. Once upon a time there was a great ...... named Mahapal. 2. One day the ministers came to the king with a ...... 3. People of this great kingdom, I ...... you all. 4. The minister appointed a ...... of judges to select the winner. Ans :- 1.kingdom 2.request 3.welcome 4.team

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