50+ Subject Verb Concord Question and Answer | PDF Download | Online Quiz |

50+ Subject Verb Concord Question and Answer | PDF Download | Online Quiz |

50+ Subject verb agreement Excercise

यहाँ 50+ Subject Verb Concord अभ्यास प्रश्नोंत्तरी mcq / 50+ subject Verb Concord अभ्यास प्रश्न दिए गये है जो विभिन्न प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं के लिए उपयोगी है |

(1) Two thousand rupees __________ a good sum. has are is were

(2) My uncle with his sons __________ present there. was were are is

(3) Sita as well as her parents _________ stupid. are is were have

(4) Either you or your mother ________ spread the rumour. is are has were

(5) The jury _______ of one mind. were are have was

(6) Neither you nor your sister _________ honest. is are were have

(7) A large number of people ________ present there. were was are have

(8) The majority of the candidates _______ girls. was are is have

(9) The king and poet _________ been honoured. has have was were

(10) Bread and butter __________ me the most. appeal have appealed appealing appeals

(11) Either of these two girls _________ guilty. are is were have

(12) Tales from Shakespeare ________ an interesting book. were are has is

(13) The news from the war front _______ not encouraging. is were are have

(14) What she says and does ________ none of my business. is are was do

(15) None of the students _______ right. are were have was

50+ Subject verb agreement Practice set :-

(16) You and I __________ friends. are was is am

(17) You or he ________ to blame. were are is does

(18) Neither he nor I _________ to suffer. is are am were

(19) You as well as I ________ misguided. is are am was

(20) She as well as you _______ to attend the meeting. are is were have

(21) Ram and Shyam _______ coming. is am are has

(22) The director and the producer ________ come. has have had am

(23) Mathematics _______ an interesting subject. am are is has

(24) The quality of apples ______ good. are am have is

(25) The herd of cows ______ grazing in the field. is am are have

(26) Hundred boys ______ in my class. is am are had

(27) Ten miles ______ a long distance to cover on foot. is am are had

(28) Hundred rupees _______ in my pocket. is am are had

(29) The number of boys ________ fifty. is am are had

(30) All ______ well at home. is am are had

(31) Our team ________ the best. is am are had

(32) There _______ two fish in the pond. is am are had

(33) The truthful _______ always trustworthy. is was are may

(34) A number of soldiers _______ injured during the war. is were was might

(35) A pack of lions ________ approaching the camp. will were are was

50+ Subject verb agreement Online Practice Quiz :-

(36) None _______ none under the sun. are were is will be

(37) Everything ________ fine when it's done correctly. work worked will work works

(38) A large sum of money ________ stolen. were was am will

(39) A lot of houses _________ collapsed in the storm. has have am will

(40) Cats and dogs _______ not get along. do does might am

(41) Fourteen kilometres _______ not a short distance, to reach to my office daily. are has have is

(42) Two and two _______ four. make makes making is making

(43) Either you or he ______ happy. are is am will

(44) He is one of the tallest ______ in the class. boy boys a boy none of them

(45) One of my desires ________ to become a doctor. is am are will

(46) The rise and fall of the tide ______ due to lunar influence. is am are will

(47) It is I who ______ to blame for this bad situation. is am are will

(48) A hot and a cold spring ______ found near each other. was were am none of them

(49) Everybody it must be admitted has _____ ups and downs. his their those none of them

(50) A rise in rents and wages ________ been found to go together. has have am none of them

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50+ Subject Verb Concord Question and Answer | PDF Download |

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