50+ Modals Auxiliary Online Objective Quiz | MCQS | PDF Download |

50+ Modals Auxiliary Online Objective Quiz | MCQS | PDF Download |

50+ Modals Auxiliary se sambandhit Question and Answer | English Grammar |

यहाँ 50+ Modals Auxiliary Excercise mcq / 50+ Modals Auxiliary Excercise अभ्यास प्रश्न दिए गये है जो विभिन्न प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं के लिए उपयोगी है |

50+ Modals Auxiliary Objective Question and Answer

(1) My sister is very weak. She ________ run fast. could not can not can had not

(2) The tortoise Sai that he ________ win the race. might would can should

(3) My class teacher told me that I _______ work hard. shall could can should

(4) _________ you mind teaching my sister? would must should might

(5) My cousin is very intelligent. She _________ speak three languages. would should can could

(6) We _______ obey the laws of our country. has to should might could

(7) You __________ hurry to go; there is plenty of time. can not may not need not might not

(8) Your sister is seriously injured. You ________ consult a good doctor. can would might must

(9) The teacher said to Hari, "You ________ go where you like." may can shall should

(10) Our team is quite strong. It __________ easily beat your team. could might may can

50+ Modals Auxiliary Excercise :-

(11) I am afraid lest I __________ be late. may should can might

(12) ________ heaven protect you! can may might should

(13) My grand mother ____________ read without glasses even now. should must would can

(14) Dr. Bansal is not here. He ________ have gone on tour. would will should must

(15) You have a large number of shirts. You ________ buy any more. need not can not would not should not

(16) As you sow, so ________ you reap. will can shall may

(17) We _________ drink in a public place. It is a crime. must not should not would not could not

(18) I _________ not accept your challenge, you are too strong. should dare need ought

(19) ________ wait for sometime, please? May Can Ought Need

(20) ________ you like accompany us to the Red Fort today? Should Would Will Can

(21) We __________ as well as go to the party.We have nothing to do. can may should would

(22) You have been coughing a lot recently. You __________ smoke so much. needn't shouldn't mustn't can't

(23) _________ they home so early? Need Should Would Must

(24) Radha ________ be wishing she'd never taken the job. should can might must

(25) Shimla daisies _________ be yellow or red. should can may would

(26) Excess of the prescribed dose of medicine ____________ cause drowsiness. will should may can

50+ Modals Auxiliary Objective MCQS :-

(27) Everyone fully enjoyed her first novel, so the new one _________ be good. shall ought to will might

(28) I am perfectly comfortable. You ________ worry about me. mustn't needn't daren't won't

(29) If I were in your situation, I _________ have ensured that nobody was denied his right. should would can must

(30) Students ___________ run, there is ample time for school yet. can't mustn't shouldn't needn't

(31) The old sailor __________ sit for hours everyday watching the surging waves of the sea. should will would could

(32) I _______ rather buy a novel than a DVD. Will would can could

(33) Students __________ wear uniform. have to will can should

(34) You are ill. You _________ not work hard. have to will can should

(35) Shut the door, _________ you? can should will have to

Modals Auxiliary question and answer :-

(36) Today is holiday so you ________ go to school. must needn't can should

(37) ________ you be so kind to help me? Will can Should Must

(38) ___________ you speak English? could can may must

(39) Take an umbrella as it _________ rain today. could can may must

(40) He is still at work. He ________ come late. may could must can

(41) _________ I talk to the manager? might may could shall

(42) How ___________ she do that to us! would must could shall

(43) There __________ be a famous shop here. used to should ought to would

(44) I _________ have won the tournament. need to will could dare to

(45) You ________ speak in the library. must not dare not need not could not

(46) It's time we ____________ leave. might should might have could have

(47) _________ I call the witness? could can should may

(48) They _________ decided by now. should have could have will have cought to have

(49) __________ you be able to convince him? could will should may

(50) _________ I invite her for a meal? would must can need

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50+ Modals Auxiliary Exercises Online Quiz | PDF Download |

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