Infinitive Verb | English Grammar | Hindi | PDF Download |

Infinitive Verb | English Grammar | Hindi | PDF Download |

Infinitive verb definition

Infinitive क्रिया का वह रूप है जो कर्त्ता से स्वतंत्र होता है अर्थात कर्त्ता के number एवं person से प्रभावित नही होता है |
verb के वास्तविक रूप के पहले 'to' लगाने से Infinitive बनता है,
जैसे --
(1) They came here to play.
(2) She likes to sing.
व्याख्या -- वाक्य no. (1) में to play और वाक्य no. (2) में to sing का प्रयोग Infinitive की तरह है क्योंकि उनका प्रयोग कर्त्ता के number और person पर निर्भर नही है | कर्त्ता किसी भी number या person का हो , to play और to sing ऐसे ही रहेंगे |

Infinitive Formula:-

It + be + adjective + infinitive

निम्नलिखित वाक्यों को ध्यानपूर्वक देखिए--

It + be + adjective + infinitive
(1) It is foolish to talk like that.
(2) It is hard to climb the hill.
(3) It is clever to save some money for future.
(4) It is not difficult to stay here.
उपरोक्त चारों वाक्यों में infinitive का प्रयोग adjective के बाद हुआ है | ये infinitive उद्देश्य प्रकट करते है |

Exercise based on Infinitive / Infinitive examples :-

Complete the following sentences with verb so as to show purpose.
( उद्देश्य प्रकट करने के लिए निम्नलिखित वाक्यों को पूर्ण करो | )

(1) It is nice to come here.
(2) It is much wiser to go home.
(3) It is hard to lift this box.
(4) It is useless to cry over spilt milk.
(5) It is funny to cry for it.
(6) It is safe to swim here.
(7) It is very difficult to cross a busy road.
(8) It is wonderful to order ice-cream after tea.
(9) It was wrong to play with dust.
(10) If we want fresh water for all, it is necessary to educate people to use the water properly.
(11) For centuries, rivers have been a place to dump wastes.
(12) The earth without water is difficult to imagin.
(13) Water conservation is an effective step to avoid water crisis.
(14) In Chennai it is compulsory for new buildings to harvest rain water.
(15) We could all do to follow suit.

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