Movement Related One Word Substitution ( Hindi and English )

Movement Related One Word Substitution ( Hindi and English )

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list of Movement Related One Word Substitution :-

Flux A continuous process of change is known as प्रवाह

Reflex An involuntary action under a stimulus is described as a अनैच्छिका

Vibration A small , fast , continuous shaking movement कम्पन

Mutation A change that befalls something परिवर्तन / बदलाव

Gust A sudden rush of wind हवा का तेज झोका

Stroll A short walk for pleasure or exercise पैदल घूमना

Sojourn A short stay at a place थोड़े समय के लिए ठहरना

Excursion A short journey made by a group of persons together सैर

Honeymoon A holiday which is taken by a newly married couple सुहागरात मनाने का अवकाश

Capture Bring under control by force कब्जा / अधीन करना

Subjugate Bring under control in war अधीन / दमन करना

Exodus Departure of many people बहिर्गमन

Internment Detaining and confining something नजरबंदी

Diagnose Determine the nature of disease पहचानना

Momentary Lasting only for a moment क्षणिक

Temporary / Transient / Ephemeral Lasting only for a very short while क्षणिक

Ephemeral Lasting for a very short time क्षणिक

Gesture Motion of head, hands etc, as a mode of expression indicating attitude भाव भंगिमा

Distort Pull out of usual shape विकृत करना , तोडना

Juxtapose Placing a thing beside another पास - पास रखना

Juxtapose Placing a thing beside another आस - पास रखना सटाना / अगल -बगल

Repatriate Return to one's own country देश को लोटना

Tremor Shaking movement of the ground. भूकम्प के झटके

Cataclysm Sudden and violent change प्रलय

Velocity Speed of an object in one direction वेग

Radiate Send rays of light or heat विकिरण करना

Surreptitious Stealthily done छल से किया हुआ

Jettison To throw or drop unnecessary goods of fuel from a ship, an aircraft , a spacecraft etc माल प्रक्षेपण , फेंक देना

Dawdle To walk slowly , wasting time समय गवांना

Eradicate To remove all traces of नष्ट करना / जड़ सहित उखाड़ना

Expedite To quicken the completion of work जल्दी करना / शीघ्रता करना

Emancipate To free from the confines of something to liberate from मुक्त या उध्दार करना

Ostracise To banish or turn out of society and fellowship जाति से बाहर करना / बहिष्कृत करना

Orientation The act of fixing of a proper position for something स्वस्थिति निर्धारण / परिस्थितियों के अनुसार ढालने की योग्यता

Coerce To restrain by force or impel a person by force धमकाना / जोर - जुल्म करना / जबरन काम करवाना

Desertion The abandonment of one's country or cause त्याग / सम्बंध विच्छेद

Accelerate To increase the speed of चल बढ़ाना

Wriggle To move along with quick, short twisting शरीर ऐंठना

Elope To run away with a lover प्रेमी के साथ भाग जाना

Moor To secure a boat by attching it to an anchor बांधना

Saunter Walk in a slow relaxed way सैर

Journey An act of travelling from one place to another यात्रा

Voyage A journey by sea समुद्री - यात्रा

Waybill A list of passengers and luggage यात्री की सूची

Luggage A baggage of a traveller यात्री का सामान

Itinerary Detailed plan of a journey यात्रा कार्यक्रम

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